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What is the internal structure of the shielding box or acoustic chamber

We all know that different shielding boxes or acoustic chamber have different functions and application fields, so how much do you know about the internal structure of different shielding boxes or acoustic chamber ? Let's go. Let's see what's the difference between different shielding boxes&acoustic chamber ~
  The shielding box or acoustic chamber  has a common feature, that is, shielding effect. However, due to different functions, the internal structure is still very different. For manual shielding box&acoustic chamber , the functional requirement is to shield the signal sources inside and outside the box. Because of manual operation, there is no need to adjust and control the power board of the shielding box&acoustic chamber . The pneumatic shielding box and the automatic shielding box are different. These need the power button to control the shielding box. With the power link, the internal structure of the shielding box is more complex than that of the manual shielding box or acoustic chamber. Therefore, users should pay special attention to the maintenance of the shielding box or acoustic chamber.

  It is learned that some users start to dismantle the shielding box or acoustic chamber without detailed understanding of the   box based on the principle of similarity. This method is not advisable. In view of the different internal structure of the shielding box or acoustic chamber, it is also very different when disassembling. If the shielding box is forcibly disassembled, it is likely to cause irreversible damage. Therefore, please remind us that the shielding box will encounter It is better to ask professionals to dismantle and repair the problem.

Soundpoof-box/acoustic chamber/ Soundproof Room Product Application:

Widely used in a variety of audio testing and improve the test environment, the sound box products can do the background noise25db~30db

I Secretary for many years through the accumulation of technology and the constant attempt of various materials, independent research and development, testing, production specifications, the shielding effect of the shielding box / room. 

we provide a steady testing environment with noise floor low as 30dBA for performance testing of acoustic products, such as speaker, receiver and mic. Sound isolation can reach more than 40dB(300Hz~20kHz), Also, we can customize sound-isolated box with special size and fixture, and provide integrated testing system solutions.

Reference documents for the calibration:

GB 6882-2008 Acoustics-Determination o sound power levels of noise sources-precision methods for anechoic and semi-anechoic rooms


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