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About us

Shenzhen Sai Sheng Technology Co., Ltd(Ci-Tech). was established in 2005 to focus on the manufacturing of precision components in the electronics field. In the same year, we set up a test equipment division focusing on EMC (EMI / EMtTS) shielding test, RF attenuation test, PCBA and audio testing. Professional radio frequency, audio test equipment suppliers.

Ci-Tech is a senior engineering, project manager and marketer with more than 10 years of experience in the electronic test and measurement and electronics manufacturing industries. After more than 10 years of efforts to enterprises has become a set research and development, manufacturing, sales operations in one of the high-tech enterprises; the company has developed a balance for wireless communications products for the shielding box, coupling plate, Speakers, passive microwave devices and automated test systems; products including professional laboratories, chip manufacturers, communications equipment providers and operators, system integrators, and other customers recognition, we are committed to become the industry's top test equipment system solutions provider.

Comprehensive wireless communication test solution for DAB / DMB, GSM, GPS, LTE, Wi-Max, CDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, 3G / 4G /5G handsets, WLAN, Bluetooth, PDA, ReFlx, Wi-Fi Phone, UWB, Zigbee, RFID, TD-SCDMA and other high-end technology


Professional focus on:

★ EMC (EMI / EMS) shielding test solution (shielding box / shielding cabinet / shielding room / coupling plate)

★ audio test solutions (sound box, soundproof room, quiet room, audio test system)

★ RF attenuation test solutions (attenuator, RF test line, isolation box, antenna)

★ PCBA test and automation program (test fixture, screw machine, ATE test system)

★ satellite positioning solutions (arrester, power splitter, signal receiving / transmitting antenna, amplifier)

USB self-adaption test module


Our advantage:

1. Various types of products( wide frequency band supporting range from 100 to 40000 MHz), including manual, pneumatic and automatic shielding boxes. It can meet the RF and audio requirements of various communication terminals and communication components, including rich filtering interface, such as USB2.0, USB3.0 , DC, AC, N / SMA, RJ45, DB9 / 15/25, HDMI,ect. 

2. Independent production, you can customize a variety of sizes of products to meet the individual needs of the design, from small mobile phone shielding box to large shielding cabinet;

3. Rich supporting test fixture;

4. One-stop test materials, such as other test accessories and accessories: RF cable, power splitter, coupling plate, fixed / adjustable attenuator, etc.

5, high isolation shielding box products can be achieved up to 100dB shielding effect; noise box products can do the background noise 25db~30db

6, ultra-wide frequency coverage and ultra-high frequency shielding products can meet up to 40G UHF test requirements

7,USB self-adaption test module:Use small size cylinder or stepping motor to drivecan achieve UUT’s automatic USB connection in all kinds of automatic testers


Product Features:

1. Isolate the external base station signal, the external interference signal.

2. Absorb the RF signal within the box to reduce interference.

3. To reduce the impact of personnel, testing more accurate.

4. Save operating time, improve work efficiency.

5. Isolate interference from adjacent test equipment.

6. The integration of multiple testing processes, streamline processes to improve efficiency.

7.Use small size cylinder or stepping motor to drivecan achieve UUT’s automatic USB connection in all kinds of automatic testers

RT100(RF Reverbration chamber)3.jpg


Shielding box / room application:

1 for the wireless communications products to provide highly efficient isolation test environment, to avoid interference of public network signals, such as mobile phones, wifi modules and other electronic products testing;

2.EMC and EMI testing;

3. Coupling test;

4.RF function of the relevant tests, such as the transmitter radiation power test, the receiver sensitivity test;

Detection equipment: network analyzers, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, dipole antenna, horn antenna, shieldingbox, and so on.

5,Other communications technology tests: GSM,WCDMA,WiMAX,LTE,GNSS,Bluetooth,WIFI、Zigbee、NB-IOT、5G,etc.

Reference documents for the calibration:

GB/T 12190-2006  Method for measuring the shielding effectiveness of Electromagnetic shielding enclosures


Lenovo PCBA shielding tester.jpg


Antenna couple:

 Antenna couple has two types of frequency: 3G (80mhz~2650mhz) and 6G (800mhz~6000mhz), which cover the current wireless test frequency range :

(1) Reproducible consistency measurement.

(2) To realize the measurement of radiation mode


Soundpoof-box/acoustic chamber/ Soundproof Room Product Application:

Widely used in a variety of audio testing and improve the test environment, the sound box products can do the background noise25db~30db

I Secretary for many years through the accumulation of technology and the constant attempt of various materials, independent research and development, testing, production specifications, the shielding effect of the shielding box / room. 

we provide a steady testing environment with noise floor low as 30dBA for performance testing of acoustic products, such as speaker, receiver and mic. Sound isolation can reach more than 40dB(300Hz~20kHz), Also, we can customize sound-isolated box with special size and fixture, and provide integrated testing system solutions.

Reference documents for the calibration:

GB 6882-2008 Acoustics-Determination o sound power levels of noise sources-precision methods for anechoic and semi-anechoic rooms


USB self-adaption test module

Use small size cylinder or stepping motor to drivecan achieve UUT’s automatic USB connection in all kinds of automatic testers.

1,Negative tolerance USB head, doesn’t abrade USB hole of UUT.

2,Self-adaption function, reduce misplug cases

3,Life cycle is very long(>20k times)



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