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RF shield box and acoustic chamber

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In order to avoid expensive measurements in EMC chambers, we have developed different shielding boxes. Bigger size for the bigger DUT, like RC drone; Smaller size for the smaller DUT, like the board. Sound isolation or signal blocking with different body material(metal sheet, aluminum sheet) and inside absorber material or different body size is against client's request. Whatever you need it, we can build it.

Shielding box full box or rf faraday cage without breaking hole design (Filter, SMA holes excluded), the frequency band is 1GHz ~ 6GHz, isolation is more than 80dB. Shielded box opened and closed is controlled by the manual button or through RS232 interface communication command. The rf shielding chamber or enclosures opens way is to take a large angle clamshell to facilitate operation. To prevent the hand grip design avoids industrial safety accident. In accordance with testing requirements can choose to use different filter interface.

Soundpoof-box/acoustic chamber/ Soundproof Room Product Application:

Widely used in a variety of audio testing and improve the test environment, the sound box products can do the background noise25db~30db

I Secretary for many years through the accumulation of technology and the constant attempt of various materials, independent research and development, testing, production specifications, the shielding effect of the shielding box / room. 

we provide a steady testing environment with noise floor low as 30dBA for performance testing of acoustic products, such as speaker, receiver and mic. Sound isolation can reach more than 40dB(300Hz~20kHz), Also, we can customize sound-isolated box with special size and fixture, and provide integrated testing system solutions.

Reference documents for the calibration:

GB 6882-2008 Acoustics-Determination o sound power levels of noise sources-precision methods for anechoic and semi-anechoic rooms

RF shield boxacoustic chamber 、antenna coupler




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