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A shield box for automated online testing

Sub-6GHz & UWB RF shielding box

CITECH shielding box is a shielding box suitable for semi-automated and automated operation, which can realize the production line test requirements according to the production line requirements, and can realize the assembly line body passing through the box, providing excellent and reliable RF shielding for the test of small and medium-sized equipment. The flexibility to customize the compact size to your test needs makes it a popular choice for test lines for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. To meet the needs of manual and automated testing, the ST-SP6060 shielding box has a custom I/O interface port, It can not only test 2.5GHz ISM technologies such as RFID, DAB/DMB, Zigbee, Bluetooth, but also test LTE, WiMAX, UWB, and the latest 5GFR1 technologies below 6GHz. The tail is equipped with a maintenance door to facilitate the daily replacement of fixture and maintenance of the product.



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