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Audio insulation box for automated testing/ acoustic chamber

acoustic chamber widely used in loudspeaker monomer, microphone monomer, motor monomer, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, smart speaker headset, AR/VR glasses, medical equipment, automotive accessories and other audio/noise reduction function test. The sound suppression box is made of rice gold, multi-layer sound insulation material combination has good sealing and solid structure, and is equipped with high-performance sound absorption materials to provide a good sound insulation and sound absorption detection environment. It can be combined with test sound card, audio analyzer, artificial mouth and artificial ear combined with test software to form an overall audio test system.

校准的技术依据及 CNAS 认可范围 Reference documents and CNAS accredited scopes

JJF 1147 2006 消声室和半 消声室声学特性校准规范: Noise:( 2.5 120)dB;Sound Pressure Level:( 2.5~120)dB[31.5Hz 20kHz;d:(0.5 5)m] 。



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