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High performance shielding box

ST-T001 hight performance RF shielded box/chamber

u  Wide Variety Of I/O Options! 

u  Great Isolation Up To 18GHZ!               

u  Models To Fit Any Application!

u  Manual operation !

Perfect for 802.11a, b, g, Wireless LAN, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Cellular, Paging, PCS, GPS, GSM 3G, RFID, Zigbee, Bluetooth®, Blade Servers, Cards, WAP’s, Production Testing, Quality Assurance and other Wireless Devices Testing or just as a RF Shielded Test Enclosure.



Outer Dimension

(L)700x (W)500 x (H)600mm

Inner Dimension

(L)550x (W)400 x (H)500mm         


metal plate

Surface Color:

white  (   According to the customer request custom color)


Apron 50Kg

Shielding   Isolation

800MHz ~6GHz >90dB;6GHz~12GHz >80dB;12GHz~18GHz   >70dB;

I/O Connectors:


测试的技术依据(Reference documents for the calibration):                                               

GB/T 12190-2006 电磁屏蔽室屏蔽效能的测量方法 Method for measuring the shielding effectiveness of  Electromagnetic shielding enclosures

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