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Manual sound box

ST-SG005 soundproofing box/ acoustic chamber

Soundproof Volume Outer environment noise pressure level: 70dB(A)inside noise :35-40dB(A) 



szcitech can specially provide a steady testing environment with noise floor low as 30dBA for performance testing of acoustic products, such as speaker, receiver and mic. Sound isolation can reach more than 40dB(300Hz~20kHz), Also, we can customize sound-isolated box with special size and fixture, and provide integrated testing system solutions.

Operation Mode

Manual operation

Inner dimension

(L)450x(W)450 x(H)450mm

Outer dimension



metal plate

Surface   Color

Grey white According to the customer request custom color


About 260kg

Soundproof solution

Soundproof Volume Outer environment noise pressure level:

70dB(A)inside noise :35-40dB(A)