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Pneumatic sound box

ST-SG1012 soundproofing box/ acoustic chamber/sound box

● Manual/automatic operation;

● Works for both manual operation line and automatic line;

● Equipped with independent operating door and maintenance door;

● Has the detection function of detection maintenance door switch state, only after the maintenance door is closed, can be tested, with the role of fool-proofing;

● Equipped with a separate Base, can be easy to move.

Soundproof solution:outside 80db,  background noise  30-35db



acoustic chamber 、sound box


szcitech can specially provide a steady testing environment with noise floor low as 30dBA for performance testing of acoustic products, such as speaker, receiver and mic. Sound isolation can reach more than 40dB(300Hz~20kHz), Also, we can customize sound-isolated box with special size and fixture, and provide integrated testing system solutions.


The main function and scope of application    

Providing a sound insulation testing environment for products

Internal testing can be observed through the camera

Outer dimension:W1200*L1300*H1630MM

Inner dimension:W800*L900*H1230MM

(Size can be customized)