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Noise test for waist support and massage assembly -- acoustic chamber/sound box/ soundproof box

As automobile manufacturing continues to advance, more and more people are considering the comfort of car seats when purchasing a vehicle. The components responsible for providing a comfortable experience for the human body in car seats are an important part that meets the demand for comfort. This is achieved through pneumatic structures, mechanical mechanisms, and physical properties. Generally, the components contributing to the comfort of car seats include lumbar support, seat cushion springs, massage function, leg rest, backrest foam padding, seat cushion foam padding, headrests, armrests, and various adjustment mechanisms that enhance the overall comfort experience for individuals.


"Comfort components for seats are based on the seat frame, and various comfort components are connected or installed on the frame to achieve adjustments for human body posture (such as legs, hips, waist, shoulders, elbows, head) and meet the requirements of comfortable experience."


And the waist support and massage assembly is very important


1. During long periods of driving, the muscles in the lower back can become fatigued and cause discomfort such as soreness due to prolonged tension. A lumbar support can help alleviate fatigue and other discomfort by promoting blood circulation in the lower back area. There are two types of lumbar supports: mechanical and pneumatic.


2. Similarly, during extended car rides, the muscles in the lower back and upper back can experience fatigue from prolonged tension, resulting in discomfort like soreness. Massage can help relieve fatigue and other discomfort by adjusting and promoting blood circulation in these areas. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, there is a higher demand for these components, especially electrical accessories. Traditional gasoline engines produce more noise which may mask some of the component's own noise; however, electric cars have no engine noise themselves and are quieter overall. Therefore, there is a greater requirement for these components to be less noisy while also meeting higher testing standards within this environment.


Traditional production settings cannot meet the growing demands for quality improvement; however, using soundproof boxes can perfectly address this need for a low-noise environment.


"Sai Sheng Technology - a professional provider of RF and audio testing environment equipment (shielding boxes, soundproof boxes), offering an interference-free RF testing environment and a low noise, low background noise testing environment for your RF and audio tests. We can provide an external white noise level of 80dbA and an internal noise level below 30dBA, enhancing test efficiency and accuracy to ensure the quality of your products."


Translation: "Soundproof Box: It is a chamber made of high-density metal and professional sound-absorbing materials, designed to reduce the impact of external noise on the equipment inside the chamber. It can also prevent the noise generated by the devices inside from spreading to the outside. Soundproof technology can be divided into two main parts: sound insulation and sound absorption. The calculation of soundproofing efficiency involves setting frequency points at one-third octave intervals within the working frequency range of the soundproof box, and testing and recording data with both open and closed doors, denoted as A and B respectively. The sound insulation level TL is calculated as B-A (dBA)."


隔音测试的技术依据(Reference documents for the calibration):


GB 6882-1986声学噪声源功率级的测定 消声室和半消声室精密法 Acoustics-Determination on sound power levels of noise sources-precision methods for anechoic and semi-anechoic rooms




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